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ZAMBO Group - Supermarkets and G.D.O.
... costum made products
Zambofrigo is able to put on the market,fulfilling complete customer needs, modern and functional furnishings thanks to years and years of experience in this field.

Continuous research in design solutions, main attention to space study and innovative material choices are three main things which bond together maximum functionality and aesthetic needs.

Merchandise field knowledge gives us the chance to help customers in the right fitting choice taking into consideration merchandise requested , shop dimensions and location.
  A mutual dialogue between customer and supplier allows all our dreams to come true. Our advice service aims to give birth to a custom-made and efficient product.

Mutual cooperation starts with a capillary assistance during designing, specialized technical support and a final creative analysis. A better product takes therefore, shape.

All our products/materials (shelves, counters, refrigeration counters, cold rooms/stores, plants, equipment, etc) are supplied with conformity declaration and certificate as per requested by regulations
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