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Advanced technology
... prime virtual control

The PRIME VIRTUAL CONTROL system consists in a modern hardware and software data processing network conceived for advanced management multi technological plants which are present in productive, commercial and hotel buildings.

In synthesis, Prime Virtual Control is an advanced supervision system capable of dialoguing with any type of electronic device presetted for data processing comunication.

Prime Virtual Control which is installed on any Personal Computer appropriately dimensioned can do following operations:

  • All physical dimension registration (temperature, humidity, pressure, electric energy, etc);
  • Pinpoint eventual alarms, abnormal or critical situations coming from every single installation;
  • Analytical analysis confronting various plants (example, electric consumption confronted with the air conditioning plant functioning;
  • Bring forth interaction operations between the equipments(rooflight closure with air conditioning system active, automatic turn off air conditioning system with anti-fire smoke tracing);
  • Bring forth programmed actions taking into consideration certain events or time periods (example. Automatic on/off of the lights at prearranged hours and days, automatic opening of rooflights in case of smoke and automatic air conditioning turn off, Weekly test launch regarding generating electricty functioning, anti-fire group functioning, emergency light functioning, "HACCP" product conservation temperature printing at regular intervals);
  • Functional parameter setting of single installations;
  • All operations registration done by qualified operators.


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